South Africa

The South African music scene includes both popular (jive) and folk forms. Pop styles are based on four major sources, Zulu isicathamiya singing and harmonic mbaqanga.

Christian missions provided the first organised musical training in the country, bringing to light many of the modern country’s earliest musicians, including Enoch Sontonga, who wrote the national anthem Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrika.

By the end of the nineteenth century, South African cities like Cape Town were large enough to attract foreign musicians, especially American ragtime players. African American spirituals were popularized in the 1890s by Orpheus McAdoo’s Jubilee Singers.

It is a different story today as the music is highly influenced by different genre cutting across globally.

The hip-hop scene is highly influenced by American culture and they handle it perfectly in South Africa. We have compiled some of the latest South African Hip-hop music below.

Kwesta – Vur Vai

Kwesta – Vur Vai. Source: Kwesta/Twitter SA Hip Hop Mogul, Kwesta Dakar returns to the circuit with an official commission

DJ Sbu Needs a Wife

Source: DJ Sbu Instagram The Bible, the holy book of Christianity to which DJ Sbu subscribes, says that he who

Charley – All Summer

Charley - All Summer SA Hip Hop sensation, Charley kicks off the summer months earlier than most as he commissions
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