AKA’s Watermelon Cruz Vodka Back with Luxury Edition

Source: AKA/ Instagram

Rapper AKA is winning on many fronts. He is a stupendous success as a musician. He has also shown he has got business acumen, as his brainchild the limited edition Cruz Vodka Watermellon sold out in no time.

The guys at Cruz got excited and now the Supa Mega’s idea has been adopted as a permanent part of their flavours. This one, though, bears a new name: luxury edition, and is available in stores already.

Source: AKA/ Instagram

For those who had been to stores and been told Cruz Vodka Watermelon was out of stock, there is certainly a reason to rejoice, as the flavour is here to stay. No need getting worked up or fearing going to the store and not finding your favourite Cruz Vodka Watermelon.

The “Fela in Versace” hitmaker, who is currently working on the video of the song just mentioned, took to Twitter to share the good news and to encourage his fans to buy the Cruz Vodka Watermelon and make it sell out like the limited edition.

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He teased those who had dissed him about the limited edition of the Cruz Infusion Vodka earlier in the following words: “People tried to diss me for a bottle saying “limited edition” imagine … where was your bottle anyways? It’s cool. Now that it’s “luxury edition”, rather just tell us NOW what the issue is so we can prepare ourselves for your salt.

He finally thanked his fans for their support so far.

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