AKA unveils ‘Touch My Blood’ documentary

Source: AKA/Instagram

Having already masterminded one of the finest albums of the year in “Touch My Blood,” AKA and his Beam Group empire take it a step further with a documentary about the making of the project.

Even though AKA has said the massive body of work would be his last album, it doesn’t seem like fans are ready to let the SupaMega take that final bow just yet.

This is evident with the several posts across social media channels pleading with the rapper to already commission another album.

However, the success of “Touch My Blood” can now be very evident with the amount of work AKA and his team put into it.

Source: AKA/Twitter

This short documentary sees AKA with his hommies including Yanga Chief,. JR, Tweezy and more putting all the work in the studio in anticipation of a successful outing.

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Plus, he also highlights the story behind some of the finest records that made the cut on the project.

Whichever decision AKA now makes regarding his future having made the leap from the studio for the boardroom, it is without a doubt that he has been able to leave his imprints on the sands of time, at least in the world of South African Hip Hop.

Peep the documentary for “Touch My Blood” and be sure to share your thoughts and opinion in the comments section below.

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