Marc – Trust Nobody

Marc – Trust Nobody. Source: Marc/Twitter

The Chosen One, Marc returns with a brand new single and he titles this one “Trust Nobody.” You know there’s a world of lessons laced on this scorcher.


The last time out, Marc unveiled “Want Me” alongside Saadiq Ali M in March. Before then, he had launched a lavish remix treatment for his flagship single, “Choose.”

On that effort, he featured the combined lyrical arsenal of Sean Pages, Scoobynero, DJ ZAN D and Manu Worldstar.

This time however, Marc is ready to whip other fellas into place for the competition; stating the priority clearly in no certain times about his quest for the bank and the moolah.


Plus, he isn’t ready for the love parties as he goes on the hunt for the money and makes “Trust Nobody” one that passes the message across clearly.

This Syberia presentation comes with an abundance of lyrical tact and depth, as well as glittering production that fuses effortlessly with its addictive killer hook.

You definitely need to reshape your mentality with the experiences of Marc as you aim to get rich with the hustle and grind.

Simply grab a dose, then be sure to share your thoughts and opinion in the comments section below.


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